How It Works

1. Apply

Choose your placement dates and complete the application process.

2. Prepare

To ensure high impact and high quality mentoring we provide you with professional mentor training and thoroughly prepare you regarding your placement using our training days and online packages.

3. In-Country Placement

Complete your in-country placement of two to eight weeks working with designated school(s).

4. Distance Mentoring

Use our online system to continue a mentoring and coaching relationship.

Experienced teacher with a family? Want to be able to get involved and take your family with you?

We understand many experienced teachers will want to embark on a volunteer placement but also have a family to consider. That's why we offer community work placements to partners and dependents of our Teacher Mentors. Find out more on our 'What I Gain' page


Education United is looking for dedicated, experienced teachers who are passionate about improving educational outcomes to spend up to eight weeks working with us to improve the quality of education in developing countries.

Leadership, coaching and mentoring experience is desirable but not essential.

Placement dates are your choice, please see our 'Where we Work' page for locations and further information.

Because we don't charge for placements, only for your training and preparation, the cost is the same regardless of the length of your placement - so to make the best of it and ensure you have a high impact we recommend a minimum 4 week placement.

Our application process includes completing our application form (coming soon), referencing and face-to-face familiarisation via skype.

If you are a teacher who wants to make a sustainable impact on childrens lives in developing countries then Education United is for you. Get in touch via our contacts page or call us direct to discuss your opportunities further.


We pride ourselves on training and our preparing our Teacher Mentors to a professional standard. You will be put through your paces on our Mentor Training Course to ensure you are fully equiped to mentor teachers in a developing country, certificate of completion will be provided. For a breakdown of the course please click here.

In addition to this, online packages and placement preparation days will ensure you are well prepared and informed on the school you are to be placed with; you will know what their focus is and what support has been in place previously for you to build on.

Your experience, expertise, current and past positions will all be taken into account when choosing your specific role, ie experienced classroom teachers will likely be mentoring individual teachers, while senior leadership team members will likely be placed on whole school improvements. We want you to have maximum impact, your experience is important to us.


Placements range from 2 to 8 weeks. You will need to arrange your own flights, visa and insurance. Education United has a list of accommodation to choose from and can arrange this for you if desired, you will settle costs directly with the provider in country. We also provide recommendations on how to get to/from your placements. For more detailed on what's included see individual placement details go our 'Where We Work' page.

Your work will be centred around the School Development Plan for your placement school, with specific whole-school targets in mind. Below are examples of activities you will be involved in:

  • Teacher interaction - support lesson planning, team teaching, 1:1 teacher-mentor conferences, modelling teaching, observing lessons, target setting
  • School interaction - staff training, learning walks, pupil voice.
  • Relationship building - fully immersing yourself in school life and the culture (staff meetings, socials, break duties etc.)

Sustaining the Relationship

On your return Education United will support you in updating our database on the school's development, focusing on both the whole school and individual teachers.

This work will be vital in ensuring the next genaration of mentors are well prepared for maintaining the mentoring relationship and continuing school improvements.

You will also be encouraged to maintain a mentoring and coaching relationship with the contacts you have made in country. Communication, managed by Education United, will allow teachers to stay in contact.

Preferably, distance mentoring will continue until the next Teacher Mentor is placed with the school. This could be up to a year.