Mentor Training & Preparation


We don't charge for placements, only for your training and preparation. Therefore, the cost is the same regardless of the length of your placement. If you return to volunteer as a Teacher Mentor with Education United again, even if it's in another country, you only need the preparation package, you do not need to complete our mentor course again.

A) You have not been a Teacher Mentor with us before and need the full mentor training and preparation package - £950

B) You have been a Teacher Mentor with us before and only need the preparation package - £200

Mentoring Course Breakdown

* Understand the principles of mentoring

* Understand the skills required of a mentor

* Understand the impact of mentoring on individual, team and organisational performance

All Teacher Mentors with Education United will need to have completed our training - a more concise version of our course may be available at a lower cost to those who are experienced mentors. You will need to speak to us direct to discuss how this would work and the cost.

You will attend the course in person (London), which will take place over 3 days during weekends.

We are working towards the British Councils Core Skills and UN Sustainable Development Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. An understanding of these will be embedded within your mentor training.

Within the course you will also cover mentoring and teaching in the context of a third world country, including specifically your chosen placement country.

Additional Preparation Breakdown

  • Training Day:

- Brief on school specifics and profile; background, context, whole school targets to focus on, profiles and previous notes of teacher(s) you are mentoring, handover notes from previous mentor etc.

- Country specific information; culture, attitudes etc.

- Guest Speakers; ‘International Development & Education’ and previous volunteer

- Chance to get to know other mentors going out

- Guidance on living in country; accommodation, food, getting around, things to do etc.

- Q&A

  • Online Package:

- Relevant and current articles to read on mentoring

- Connect with other Teacher Mentors heading out