Education United is looking for qualified teachers to take on in-country placements in an advisory or mentoring role to support teacher development and improve education in developing countries.

Education United uses a 'review-assess-target' model to provide up-to-date and detailed information on school and teacher targets to ensure you have a sustainable and high-quality impact.

Sustainable Development Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Every child deserves a good quality teacher.

Every teacher deserves good quality training.

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We pride ourselves on being a sustainable, professional, non-profit educational initiative that improves outcomes for children, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations (for more information click here) and the British Council's six core skills (for more information click here).

We are working towards the British Council's six core skills to help prepare young people for work and life in a globalised economy:

* Digital Literacy

* Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

* Creativity and Imagination

* Student Leadership

* Collaboration and Communication

* Citizenship

We support teachers to develop these areas of their pedegogy, leading to high quality teaching and learning. These values are at the centre of our mentoring process.

The Global Monitoring Report in 2014 shows that even though more children have access to schools, many are not learning basics skills. Furthermore, many children are actually becoming disengaged from their learning because the education they are receiving does not appear to be relevant to the context they live in, or provide them with skills they need to succeed in life.

According to a recent education report by World Bank, 80% of children some countries cannot read a single word by half way through their primary education. Unfortunately this situation does not improve much by the time they have completed their primary education.

190 million school children around the world can't read this sentence. Failure to provide high-quality education is a global learning crisis.*