What I Gain

Gain experience.

Climb the leadership ladder.

There are many reasons, both professional and personal, to take on a volunteer placement as a Teacher Mentor with Education United...

1. Improve your CPD (continued professional development) by:

  • Completing a professional mentor training course, certificate on completion. For a course breakdown please click here.
  • Gaining leadership, mentoring and coaching experience
  • Extending your skill set - experience in educational development, delivering teacher training, working across cultural and linguistic barriers and working with limited resources to name just a few!

2. Widening your teaching experience to alternative and challenging settings

3. Bringing back what you have learnt to the UK

4. Immersing yourself in another culture

5. Opportunities for partners / dependent(s) to get involved in this unique experience

6. An alternative to your average holiday / travel experience, or even a possible to add on a holiday

7. The satisfaction of making a difference in the education of children in a developing country

Experienced teacher with a family? Want to be able to get involved and take your family with you?

We understand that many experienced teachers may want to enbark on charitable work in developing countries but find committing difficult due to family commitments. To help teachers who want to get involved we offer community work placements to partners and dependent(s) of teacher mentors, that way everyone can get involved and be part of something amazing!

We'll look at the skill set partners and older dependents can offer as well as the age of younger dependent(s). In discussion with you we can arrange a suitable placement for members of your family. Some possible placements are; classroom painting, building, landscaping school grounds and setting up new classrooms. For for information please contact us direct to discuss this in more detail.