What We Do

Together, passionate teachers and educators from the UK and developing countries can provide sustainable improvements in education, helping schools provide local children with a better start in life.

Our Mission

Many schools in developing countries work tirelessly to educate the upcoming generation of their community, but struggle due to minimal funding, few resources and little or no training.

Education United has been set up to tackle the last of these issues. We select and prepare UK trained teachers to take on in-country placements as consultants and mentors to support teachers in developing countries.

According to a recent World Bank Report on education, more children have access to education now than ever before, but many children leave primary school in developing countries without even the most basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Through our pre-placement preparation, careful candidate selction, mentor training, school-specific development plans, in-country mentor placements and continuous assessment we aim to continually develop teaching standards and learning outcomes. Our process intends to foster environments in which children can grow to be well educated, critical thinkers who effectively communicate and are able to apply their knowledge and skills in all walks of life.

Working together, passionate educators can unite to improve outcomes for the learners of developing countries today and in the future.

Our Process


Each school is visited annually, together with SLT we identify areas of strengths and weaknesses.


We create school-specific development plans and individual teacher targets. All advisors and teacher-mentors work towards these targets.


Select advisors and teacher-mentors


Advisors: Brief on school profiles and country specific information.

Teacher-Mentors: Mentor training, brief on school profiles and country specific information


Advisors: Lead staff training days, work withand support SLT on targets (relvant to your own area of speciality / interest)

Teacher-Mentors: Follow our mentoring programme to support development of teachers through discussions, team-teaching and lesson observations.

Ongoing (preferable)

Advisors: Be available monthly (through Education United run channels) if members of SLT or teachers need to contact you for advice regarding your training sessions.

Teacher-Mentors: Be part of monthly (through Education United channels) mentor meetings with your mentee teachers to continue your mentor relationship.


We perform an annual review of each school, assessing them against the targets set and updating our school development plans where needed to ensure all support provided is targeting identified needs.

Our Outcomes

We seek to professionally develop teachers abroad in order to:

  • Improve teaching standards in developing countries
  • Provide children with the chance of a quality education
  • Benefit generations of vulerable children

Teachers abroad will benefit from mentored teaching and leadership improvements and training, directly contributing to both an immediate impact on their school children and a sustainable and resiliant impact on future classroom generations.

UK trained teachers taking part will benefit from improved CPD in the form of leadership and mentoring experience in a challenging environment, which they can take home to use in their own schools and classrooms.

Specific skills and benefits are explained in more detail on our 'What I Gain' page.