Where We Work

We are currently developing links with more schools in a variety of countries, this will be updated when we have more information...


In Cambodia we work with Serve Cambodia, who have built three education centres, two in Phnom Penh and one in a province approximately two hours from Phnom Penh.

* You will work in 2 - 3 schools, depending on the length of your volunteer placement.

* You select your own dates for the placement

* We have a maximum of 4 mentors at any one time.

* We only charge for your training and preparation, not your placement.

* You will need to pay your own flights, visas and insurance. Further information on visas can be found on the fco website here.

* Education United provides recommendations for accommodation and transport to/from your placement. We can help arrange this for you, you will then settle costs in-country with the provider.


Because we don't charge for placements, only for your training and preparation, the cost is the same regardless of the length of your placement - so to make the best of it and ensure you have a high impact we recommend a minimum 4 week placement.

A) You have not been a Teacher Mentor with us before and need the full mentor training and preparation package - £950

B) You have been a Teacher Mentor with us before and only need the preparation package - £200

Depending on where you choose to stay, living costs (accommodation, food and travel to placement) is expected to be £50-80/week.


Information coming soon...